Name: Erdal Balcan

Qualification: PhD

Country: Turkey


Celal Bayar University, 
Faculty of Science and Arts, 
Dept. of Biology, 
Molecular Biology.

Phone no: +902362013256

Email: Send an Email


Celal Bayar University, 
Faculty of Science and Arts, 
Dept. of Biology, 
Molecular Biology,  
Sect.    45030,    Manisa-TURKEY.

Research Interests:

  • I'm a researcher who working on glycobiology, is the study on the structure, function and biology of carbohydrate molecules, also called glycans.
  • This growing research field in biology is relevant with many biology-based researches including biomedicine, biotechnology and other omics.
  • The glycan structures have many functional properties in cell biology such as cell-cell and cell-pathogen interactions.
  • At this point, my main research area contains the possible relations between programmed cell death types and cell surface glycan alterations during the embryonic development.  
  • We found that glycosylation patterns of developing thymocytes are altered throughout the developmental process.
  • With the our lectin blotting results, I consider that these differences of glycosylation may be related with glycosylation status of CD43 and CD45, receptors for galectin-1, a β-galactoside-binding protein that is produced by thymic epithelial cells and binds to oligosaccharides on thymocytes and induce cell death


Professional Affiliations and Services:

  • Ad-hoc    Reviewer
  • African    Journal    of    Biotechnology    
  • Cell    Biochemistry    &    Function    
  • Pamukkale    Medical    Journal        
  • Turkish    Biology    Journal    
  • Fish    and    Shellfish    Immunology    
  • Molecular    Reproduction    and    Development    
  • Archives    of    Biological    Sciences    
  • Suleyman    Demirel    University        Scientific    Journal
  • Frontiers    in    Natural    Product    Chemistry


  • The Society of  Molecular cancer Research (MOKAD)    
  • The European Association for Cancer Research (EACR)    
  • Cell-Death    Society (HÖAD)