Name: Eva Volna

Country: Czech Republic


University of Ostrava · Department of Informatics and Computers,Associate professor.

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Dept. of Informatics and Computers,
 University of Ostrava,
 30th dubna st. 22 701 03,

Research Interests:

  • Artificial Intelligence,,
  • Soft Computing Pattern Recognition.


  • Fuzzy-based decision strategy in real-time strategic games
  • Preface of the International Symposium on Computer Science and Information Technology (ISCSIT 2017)
  • Control of autonomous robot behavior using data filtering through adaptive resonance theory
  • Enhanced ensemble-based classifier with boosting for pattern recognition
  • Recommender systems in knowledge-mining
  • Preface of the “3rd International Symposium on Intelligent Systems and Algorithms”
  • Control of autonomous robot using neural networks
  • Training Set Fuzzification Towards Prediction Improvement
  • Guaranteed Training Set for Associative Networks
  • Big Data Filtering Through Adaptive Resonance Theory
  • Recognition of Patterns with Fractal Structure in Time Series
  • Some highlights on fuzzy systems and data mining.