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Article Processing Charges


Please find the Article Processing Charge details to be paid upon acceptance of your manuscript.

Application prior to submitting the manuscript is necessary. Without pre application for waiver no waiver will be provided and default charges are applicable. Code for waiver application: WPR161105

Article type

Research/ Review

Thesis/ Editorial

Case report/ Literature review

Short communication/ Letter/ Conference proceedings

High Income countries (default charge)





Upper middle income countries (25%)





Lower middle income countries (50%)





Low Income countries (minimum charge)





Note: All the charges are in USD.


Is any waiver provided on APC ?

Is application mandatory ?

How to apply for waiver?

What is a code and where can I find it ?

How is waiver calculated ?

How is waiver further interpreted ?

What is the disclosure and visibility policy of APC details ?

Is there any withdrawal charge ?

From when are these Prices valid and up to when ?

Why is Article Processing Charge APC collected ?

Is any waiver provided on APC

Yes, Waiver is provided on APC upon prior application. We provide partial waiver based on economic classification of countries according to the World Bank. Countries classified by World Bank on income basis can be obtained from World Bank official website. If you do not find your country in the list please contact us at for information.

Authors who do not have funds to cover publication fees can also apply for the special waiver (partial or full), the requested waiver will be decided by considering all the possible factors and accepted if relevant. Author may need to produce the copy of requested documents related to funding and other applicable policies of your university to avail special waiver. This waiver will be provided only on the sole discretion of publisher after considering the necessary factors. 

Is application for waiver Mandatory?

Yes. Even though waived prices are provided for your convenience on the webpage, waiver application prior to submitting the manuscript is necessary. Without pre application for waiver no waiver will be provided and default charges are applicable. We do consider requests and pay attention to the genuine economic hardships of authors. Please apply for waiver only if it is truly necessary.

How to apply for Waiver?

“Prior consent” should be acquired in the below given format affirming the classification of country to which you belong, by listing all authors and their affiliations and the classification of their country. You need to email your requests to

 Sample application format: 

Regarding: Waiver application / Extra Waiver application
To the Journal: Journal you wish to submit. 
Manuscript Title:

Code: (if you have no other code use the code provided above the price table)

Author Full name




Author 1

Affiliation 1


Upper middle income

Author 2

Affiliation 2


Upper middle income


Funding details: (optional if applying for the already mentioned waiver. Mandatory if applying for extra waiver)

We hereby request you to provide the said waiver i.e., “25% off” to publish our work online if accepted. 
(Any other personal message can be added if necessary) 

These are the important details necessary. Include any other important details you think necessary to provide you the waiver.

What is a Code and where can I find it?

Code is provided to identify your special offers. Code for Waiver application provided on this webpage is: WPR161105. However if you have any other codes provided to you by us through email you can use the best one for you. If you do not have any and would like to receive such promotional codes, please register with us as an author or subscribe to our newsletters.

How is waiver calculated?

We are providing 25% off on actual APC for Upper Middle Income countries and 50% off on actual APC for Lower middle income countries. Also $99 flat charge for low income countries is collected.

How is Waiver further interpreted?

  • First author’s primary affiliation listed in the manuscript, as it is/will be published online is considered the country of author in deciding the invoice value.

  • If there are more first authors from different criteria, the highest possible category of them is considered to be the criterion for deciding invoice value.
  • In the author consent letter submitted along with your manuscript should contain the publication charges you accept to pay once the manuscript is accepted and the same will be your invoice amount. No other changes are entertained in later stages.

What is the disclosure and visibility policy of APC details?

Editors and reviewers have no access to these details, and hence inability to pay will not influence the decision to publish a paper.

Is there any withdrawal charge?

Withdrawal of manuscripts after the first round decision is made incurs minimum charge of $99. Kindly make note of this before you submit your manuscript. However withdrawal before receiving first decision does not incur any charges. You may not submit elsewhere without official withdrawal of manuscript and it will be considered ethical misconduct if you do so and will be dealt accordingly. 

From when are these Prices valid and up to when?

These prices have been updated on 10th Nov, 2016 and are valid up to the next announcement of price update which is generally 10th of Nov, 2017. Manuscripts submitted prior to 10th Nov 2016 follow the previous APC. Only Submissions made on or after 10th Nov, 2016 shall follow this renewed APC.

Why is Article Processing Charges (APC) collected?

Publishing process is definitely not free of cost, but in open access the research articles are available for free of charge. This implies that we need to incur some amount of fee to keep our process going. It’s the reason we collect open access charges which helps us to cover the processing expenses for various activities like review process handling, indexing, cross reference, man power, technical team, communication support etc.,. In spite of all our expenses we tend to keep our fee balanced both for our users and the publishing house. Also please note that this charge will be levied only for the accepted manuscripts, there are no submission charges