Name: Dr. Agha Zeeshan Mirza

Country: Pakistan


University of Karachi

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Department of Chemistry,
University of Karachi,
Karachi-75270, Pakistan

Research Interests:

Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Synthesis of derivatives and complexes of drugs, Analytical chemistry, Nano chemistry



  1. Physical and chemical characterization of mefenamic acid in different pharmaceutical dosage forms and their stability studies using novel RP-HPLC method.
  2. Simultaneous determination of antihistamine anti-allergic drugs, cetirizine, domperidone, chlorphenamine maleate, loratadine, meclizine and buclizine in pharmaceutical formulations, human serum and pharmacokinetics application.
  3. Simultaneous Determination of Piracetam and its Four Impurities by RP-HPLC with UV Detection.
  4. Spectroscopic Study to Characterize In vitro Interaction of Losartan with Gliquidone and Pioglitazone.
  5. Identification of Potent Virtual Leads and ADME Prediction of Isoxazolidine Podophylotoxin Derivatives as Topoisomerase II and Tubulin Inhibitors.
  6. A Novel Quantitative Spectrophotometric Method for the Analysis of Vigabatrin in Pure Form and in Pharmaceutical Formulation.
  7. Stability-indicating HPLC-DAD Method for Simultaneous Determination of Atorvastatin, Irbesartan, and Amlodipine in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Preparations.
  8. Determination of Tryptophan in Raw Materials, Rat Brain and Human Plasma by RP-HPLC Technique.
  9. Spectrophotometric determination of gabapentin in pharmaceutical formulations using ninhydrin and π-acceptors.
  10. Spectrophotometric methods for the simultaneous analysis of meclezine hydrochloride and pyridoxine hydrochloride in bulk drug and pharmaceutical formulations.