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Journal of Blood Pressure initiated with the aim of promoting and upholding the progress of Science and Technology through this era of digital revolution of knowledge. JBP uses the concept of Open Access and the best manuscript processing system ever available along with retaining its Quality - the main element, to achieve its aim.
Journal of Blood Pressure - This is an Open Access Journal. It is currently Online Only. The manuscripts submitted to this journal are peer-reviewed and the method used is - Single Blind. However, the author can prefer to go double-blind by providing the details only in the cover letter and not in the manuscript. We maintain high standard ethical and quality measures for ensuring the best output for our readers. To achieve this we follow the guidelines of the specialized bodies related to each aspect, aiding us in making every task perfect in itself. Hence the big picture would obviously be outstanding. 
Note: An Article Processing Charge (APC) is levied to authors to make a research work available open access in the Journal of Blood Pressure. 

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We always stay abreast of the current trends in the publishing line. Constant research and zeal for implementing innovative methods in order to ease things for our authors, editors, reviewers and readers help us to be the most user friendly platform for publication. Our aim is not only to publish but also to make publishing a better experience. For this, we are open for suggestions in all aspects and from everyone. We shall put in maximum efforts for making making JBP better and better.

 JBP equips authors with an efficient, easy to manage and advanced online editorial manager (Manuscript Zone). It is a hassle free process and you need very little technical knowledge to use it. It is very user friendly. But still, if you need support, you can email us at [email protected] and we will guide you in no time.

Peer review is rigorous and followed strictly. We support single-blind peer review but allow double-blind, by accepting author related details in the cover letter. If you prefer double-blind peer review, please omit the author details in the manuscript file and include them in the cover letter. Author's preference is valuable to us and we strive to provide as much of ease and flexibility through our service as possible. This approach helps author on deciding the level of privacy they desire for. Not only this process every other process of ours is equally flexible. Well, let us remind you the flexibility is only in terms of service and never in the aspect of evaluation. High quality peer review is our Motto.

Our content delivery platform provides powerful, fast access to JBP. An exclusive function provided by us. You should check-in to experience it.

Facility to mail articles has been provided to reach the concerned within no seconds.

JBP not only reviews your work but also strive hard for the distribution of knowledge to the necessary organizations/personnel. Using a special Search Engine Optimization technique we improve your chance of being cited, ultimately leading to increase in the number of citations which is the greatest tribute for the research work.

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