Name: Hongwei Mo


Associate professor and professor at Automation College, Harbin Engineering University from 1996 till now.

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Automation College

Harbin Engineering University 



Hongwei Mo, born in 1973. He is a professor of Automation College of Harbin Engineering University. He got Ph.D degree in the same university in 2005. He was a visiting Scholar of UCDavis,CA, USA from 10,2003-10, 2004.

He worked as a lecturer, associate professor and professor in Automation College,Harbin Engineering University from 1996 till now.

His main research interesting includes Natural Computing, Data Mining, Intelligent System, Artificial Intelligence,Intelligence Robot and UAV. He had published 70 papers on nature inspired computing in international journals and conferences.He was the guest editor of Special issue on Nature inspired computing and applications of Journal of Information Technology Research. He was the author of 5 monograhs and he is the editor of ‘Handbook of Artificial Immune Systems and Nature inspired computing:Applying Complex Adaptive Technologies’.

He is a member of IEEE Computing Intelligence Society, IEEE Robotics and Automaton Society. He was also the program committee member over 30 international conferences. And he is the organization committees chair of 2013 International Conference on Swarm Intelligence. He is the program committees chair of 2017 International Conference on Bio-inspired Computing Theories and Appplications. 

He serves as the associate editor of International Journal of Computing Intelligence and Pattern Recognition, member of editorial boards of the Journal of Information Technology Research and International Journal of Swarm Intelligence Research, International Journal of immunocomputing, Journal of Man, Machine and Technology and Progress in Intelligent Computing and Application. Journal of Electronics(in Chinese) and IEEE Tran on Industrial Informatics 2018  Special Issue Big Data Analytics in Healthcare



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