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Journal of Advanced Forensic Sciences

Journal of Advanced Forensic Sciences

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About The Journal

Journal of Advanced Forensic Sciences (JAFS) publishes original research and review articles covering a wide range of topics within the forensic sciences, including scientific analyses of physical evidence, bio-molecular evidence, and digital evidence. It welcomes contributions from experts in the field and provides an open forum for the exchange of knowledge and information about the development and application of forensic sciences in criminal and civil justice. The journal is dedicated to serving the forensic science community and provides a platform for the latest advances in the discipline.


Advantages of publishing in Journal 

Journal of Advanced Forensic Sciences(JAFS) publishes articles from a broad range of fields in forensic sciences, from psychology and criminology to forensics and toxicology. This journal is committed to publish content that is rigorous and scientifically valid. The quality of the research articles is ensured through a rigorous peer-review process and the use of plagiarism detection software. Journal of Advanced Forensic Sciences(JAFS) encourages authors to submit manuscripts that are of a high quality and will help in advancing the field of forensic sciences. 


Instructions for authors 

The journal invites authors to submit manuscripts in various topics concerning the physical and social sciences of forensic science.

Authors need to submit papers that are previously unpublished and that must not be under consideration for publication in any other journal. All manuscripts should employ rigorous peer-review protocols in order to ensure quality of the published papers.


In order to ensure the quality of the published work, the journal follows a strict set of instructions for authors. All manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors and should be formatted in the American Psychological Association (APA) style. 


It is important for the authors to include an abstract and a list of keywords with their manuscripts and reviews. Additionally, all research manuscripts should include an introduction, methods and materials, results, discussion, and conclusion sections. It is also important to include a statement of ethics compliance with the manuscript submission. 


Editorial Board 

Journal of Advanced Forensic Sciences(JAFS) publishes articles that focus on the intersection of new technologies with traditional forensic techniques and research. It collects articles from a wide range of sources, such as criminalistics, psychology, medicine, anthropology, anthropology, law, and pathology. This journal seeks to provide a comprehensive view of advances in forensic science.


Journal of Advanced Forensic Sciences(JAFS) is managed by a distinguished Editorial Board comprised of leading international scientists and researchers. Members of the board are experts in their respective fields, and they review articles to make sure they meet the highest scientific standards. The board also advises on the selection of topics, the quality of articles, and compliance with ethical and legal standards.


Article Submission 

Journal of Advanced Forensic Sciences(JAFS) encourages the submission of high-quality research articles, review articles, short reports and case studies for publication. All submissions are peer-reviewed by experts in the field. In order to be considered for publication, manuscripts should be submitted in a suitable electronic format. The authors should follow the submission guidelines available on the website and ensure that all manuscripts are prepared with the appropriate referencing style. The journal also follows strict ethical guidelines and encourages the submission of only original, previously unpublished manuscripts.


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